We are for our young people! We are for young people being educated in Mind, Body, and Spirit becoming the person they were designed to be, growing in character and life skills that they need to succeed and be supporting members of our community! We Care!

Following the teaching of Jesus – love God, love your neighbor, pursue excellence in life.

100% graduation rate
Employable and hard-working graduates!
100% accepted to college


(6th Grade, 7th Grade, 9th through 12 Grades) See Apply tab

Come join Banks Academy as a student or partner for a better Birmingham!

Parents now have another option for high school in the Birmingham area.

Grow with Us

We want students who want to be challenged through excellent curriculum and athletics, teachers pouring into them, and partners that invest in them.

We want parents who want excellence for their children and want to work with Banks Academy teachers and staff partnering in developing their children.

We need volunteers to help invest in our students in reading, math, and clubs and athletics.

Student Profile

Brandon Glenn

“Coming to Banks Academy has pushed me spiritually, academically, and athletically. I am closer to The Lord, excelling academically, and was blessed to be voted an AISA Football All-Star. None of this would have been possible, were I not a student at Banks Academy.”
Brandon Glenn is a prime example of what it means to be a “Banks Jet”. He’s an Honor Roll student, and was voted an AISA All-Star this football season. Brandon is a leader, and has an incredible future ahead of him.

-Coach Riley White

Will You Join Us?

As a donor supporting the school, you make all of the above happen. Your support is the foundation in giving students a better opportunity, life skills, and character development to be productive members of our community – changing their trajectory and those that follow them.

We are Banks Academy and with your participation, WE ARE SOARING TO NEW HEIGHTS!

Banks Academy is a private Christian high school that serves students in the Northeast and Eastern part of Birmingham.

Scholarships are available for all students.

We offer transportation for students to help as many as possible become part of the Banks Academy family.