About Us

Banks Academy is an ACSI accredited non-denominational private Christian High School located in the East Lake community of Birmingham, Alabama. The school opened in August of 2015 and is located at the original Lakewood Baptist Church’s building. (8301 8th Avenue South) 9th through 12th grades are provided.  Students that meet the qualifications to attend Banks Academy are awarded scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition. Special consideration is given to parents and students that enroll early. Transportation is an option for those who need a ride each day. (To download a Student application, go to the APPLY/TUITION tab).
Banks Academy is serving students and families in the community and providing hope for a bright future.

Our Students Receive

  1. A board, principal and teachers that are committed to serving Jesus Christ and living out the commandments of loving God and loving our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. A safe and secure school building and environment.
  3. A culture that promotes Respect, Relationships, and Responsibility to enable students to soar to new heights.
  4. A group of teachers committed to excellence in high school education focusing on Mind, Body, and Spirit. (Academics, Health/Athletics and Knowing God)
  5. A curriculum this is challenging and encouraging – We assess where a student is and work to help them rise up to their level of excellence.
  6. Giving back – each student learns to serve through 10 hours of community service
  7. A work study program in which the students spend time each week at a business they are interested in.
  8. Athletic programs including football, cheerleading, basketball, track and field and football are provided
  9. School clubs – choir, debate, chess, and etiquette
  10. The overall setting is Christ centered in which the authority in our lives is Jesus Christ and the written word of God.

There is no one school that works for all people.

Our faculty loves all students but unfortunately, Banks Academy does not have special EIP teachers. In many cases we can accommodate an IEP student, but if your student has a particular special need and is being served well in their current school location, we recommend you stay there.