Teaching students how to dress for success is part of the culture at Banks Academy. Banks Academy has a standard uniform for each student and also provides a blue blazer to wear at special occasions and when representing the school. Employers judge applicants by how they look. Our desire is that our students Represent themselves, their families and Banks Academy in excellence.

Parents should familiarize themselves with the dress code policy of Banks Academy and ensure that their children are appropriately dressed in the required attire specified in this Code of Student Conduct.

  1. Hair must be clean and well groomed, and should not impair vision. Boys’ hair must not touch the collar of a t-shirt (rounded, crew-neck), when measured at full length (i.e., loose or unpinned). Male students with facial hair must keep it neat and well groomed. A hairstyle, hair color, body piercing, clothing, or other article which is disruptive to the learning environment or which identifies a student as being a member of a gang or any subversive or unlawful organization shall not be allowed.
  2. Band-Aids may not be worn to conceal unauthorized jewelry. Nose jewelry shall not be worn by boys or girls while they are in school. Jewelry (studs, pins, etc.) shall not be worn in any visible pierced areas of the body, including, but not limited to, the tongue.
  3. Students are to wear clothing in the manner for which it is designed. No clothing shall be worn inside out, suspenders/braces shall be fastened and belts buckled. Pants must be worn at the waist. School administration may require that shirts and blouses be tucked in and coats be removed upon entering the building.
  4. Students shall wear khaki, navy or black slacks/skirts with white button down shirts or “golf” shirts. These are collared shirts with three buttons at the top. Skirts are for female students only. These skirts must be no more than 4 inches above the knee.
  5. Bracelets, belts, and other clothing and accessories with spikes, studs, or chains are not allowed.
  6. Jeans are allowed on certain days for certain events and will be announced ahead of time.
  7. Sweat pants, jogging pants, athletic shorts, and sweat suits are not permitted.
  8. Articles of clothing must be appropriate for school wear. Clothing must not be too tight or worn unbuttoned beyond the second button.
  9. Clothing shall not be worn in such a way as to be a disruption to the school environment or a safety concern.
  10. Shoes appropriate to the school setting must be worn at all times. No beach/shower style flip-flops, house slippers, or shoes equipped with skates are permitted.
  11. Hats, sunglasses, caps, and hoods shall not be worn at any time inside the building unless otherwise designated by the school administrator. Cases with extenuating circumstances are handled by the principal on an individual basis. (Examples of this would be children with hair loss from chemotherapy or recovering from surgical procedures having required the head to be shaved).
  12. Gender specific underclothing must be worn and not visible.
  13. Trench coats, overcoats, or other large bulky coats shall not be worn during the school day and shall be placed in lockers at the beginning of the school day.
  14. Slogans on an undergarment (t-shirts) can be just as hurtful as verbal comments. Clothing with vulgar or profane language, racial or religious slurs, sexually suggestive placing, memorial shirts, or degrading language or graphics are not acceptable for school. Some examples of this would be Malcolm X insignia and Big Johnson shirts, Rebel flags, or unpatriotic display of flags. Clothing advertising tobacco, alcohol products, weapons, and drugs are prohibited.
  15. You are asked to cooperate with the dress code guidelines since it can be inconvenient and upsetting for you to be sent home to change. It also upsets the educational climate of which we are all a part. This is another way you can make school a positive experience.
  16. Any student who fails to dress appropriately will not be allowed to attend class until proper clothes can be secured. If necessary, parents will be called to bring proper clothes to school. Until proper clothing can be secured, the student will be isolated and will be responsible for all class work missed. Nonconformity to the dress code is a Class I offense.
  17. Any student requiring a book bag with rollers must provide proper medical documentation to the principal.

The school administrator determines what is and what is not appropriate for the school setting.


Banks Academy is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Banks Academy is accredited by AdvancedEd which is now Cognia.